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Artist and Printmaker

I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK); Raised in a culture outside of my parents culture. Growing up in Borneo with an American father and Irish/Australian mother; my international upbringing built the base for my love of painting, printmaking and mountainous landscapes from around the world.

My watercolour, mix-media paintings are inspired by this power of memory and mountains. My work is the meditative contemplation that many cultures instil in mountains; the importance of the sacred mountain as a source of something vital can be seen throughout the world; as a meditative retreat, a place of worship or as the closest point to heaven or the stars. My paintings reflect many different landscapes and are an amalgamation of memory and travel.

Arranging layers of watercolour paint I work into the painted surface with pencil to create intricate patterns which describe a variety of terrain and connect with traditional patterns from around the world.

Now based in Melbourne Australia, I trained at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Fine Art Printmaking and Arts Management.

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